Why The Clients Don’t Call You Back!

In doing business, many business people focus only on growing their revenue or profit and forget to measuring their value creation or Net Promoter Score (NPS).

NPS is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement taken from asking customers how likely they are to patronize you again or recommend your product or service to others.

Every day that you go about your work, you are creating impressions in client’s minds, which become their perception of you and your brand. If it is good, they are likely to recommend or invite you again. If not, well, you may have to do the tedious work of finding new customers every time.

In the last 15 years of leading the amazing team at iCentra our focus has been to delivering value to our clients, excellently enough to keep them coming back, hence why we have maintained solid relationships with certain organizations for over a decade.

So, if you want to be trusted and recommended by clients, always keep your eyes on value creation and deliver with precision, on time and of excellent quality. Only then will you attract top clients who will pay commensurate for your work.

When was the last time you received a recommendation or referral from a client?


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