Thrive, Achieve, Bequeath.

Taopheek BABAYEJU is a seasoned transformation expert, a dynamic leadpreneur, and a published author with a deep passion for developing individuals, transforming organizations, and making a lasting impact on society.


Thrive, Achieve, Bequeath

Taopheek BABAYEJU is a leadpreneur, transformer and author. He is passionate about developing people, transforming organizations and impacting the society.

“We are here not to just survive but to THRIVE, our aspirations for success are valid so we will strive to ACHIEVE, but all the achievements amount to nothing if we fail to BEQUEATH a lasting legacy through service to humanity.”

– Taopheek A. BABAYEJU
“We are here not to just survive but to THRIVE, our aspirations for success are valid so we will strive to ACHIEVE, but all the achievements amount to nothing if we fail to BEQUEATH a lasting legacy through service to humanity.”

– Taopheek A. BABAYEJU

Professional Journey

With over two decades of rich and diverse experience, Taopheek has had the privilege of leading high-impact transformation projects and managing multi-million-dollar portfolios across various sectors. His expertise spans IT, Telecoms, Finance, Agriculture, Health, Education, Government, Development, SMEs, and more.

As a trusted executive advisor, Taopheek has been instrumental in helping numerous organizations achieve their strategic objectives. His areas of expertise encompass organizational, digital, and agile transformation, strategy development, technology consulting, PMO (Project Management Office), project, program, and portfolio management, information security, change management, risk management, and learning and development.

Taopheek serves as the CEO of iCentra, a leading business and technology solutions company founded in 2009. Under his leadership, iCentra has expanded its presence to Texas (United States), London (United Kingdom), and Abuja (Nigeria), serving clients globally.

Taopheek holds an MBA from Lagos Business School and has pursued executive education at renowned institutions such as Harvard Business School and IESE Business School. He began his educational journey with a degree in Physics Science from Lagos State University. He further honed his skills as a telecoms network and infrastructure engineer at the United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA).

Taopheek is not only an accomplished professional but also a published author, contributor at Forbes Magazine, and columnist at BusinessDay newspaper, among other notable roles. He serves on the boards of several organizations, including Tafsan Investments, WhyFinite, Glovis Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development (GELD), and Triola Aina Foundation, contributing his insights and expertise to drive positive change.

Beyond his business endeavors, Taopheek is on a mission to unlock possibilities and create new opportunities for the betterment of society. He has co-founded social enterprises like LeadPreneur, dedicated to raising transformational leaders and entrepreneurs, and Pheek Foundation, which drives positive change through empowerment.

Taopheek is a true change-maker. In 2009, he initiated Nigeria’s first-ever National Project Management Conference (ProMaCon) to promote the institutionalization of project management practices in Nigeria and Africa. His decade-long commitment to this initiative resulted in the establishment of the not-for-profit organization, ProMaCon Project Management Foundation. For his outstanding contributions to project management, Taopheek received PMI’s award for the “Most Outstanding Contribution to Project Management” in 2010.

Early Life and Entrepreneurship

Born on July 4, 1978, into the Babayeju family in Ebute Meta, Lagos Mainland, Taopheek’s journey began with a deep-rooted curiosity and a passion for knowledge. His early education took place at Christ’s School in what was then Ondo State, now part of Ekiti State.

Taopheek’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged early, influenced by his father’s entrepreneurship and his mother’s involvement in trading. During his secondary school years, he recognized an opportunity to meet the accessory needs of his peers, embarking on a venture to purchase and resell items from Yaba market.

Following secondary school, Taopheek continued to work in his father’s company on Broad Street, Lagos, while pursuing his undergraduate degree in Physics (Electronics) at Lagos State University. In 2003, he embarked on an enriching career with Sony Ericsson, later venturing into ICT entrepreneurship, and ultimately founding The Phone Clinic, a mobile device service center, in 2004, where he achieved his initial entrepreneurial success.

Taopheek’s journey reflects his unwavering pursuit of knowledge, personal growth, and his commitment to effecting positive change. He embarked on a specialized course in telecommunications network and infrastructure engineering at the United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA), returning to Nigeria equipped with technical expertise and a strong determination to confront the challenges that lay ahead.

In 2009, he joined Mtel as a Project Manager, a role he later resigned from to establish iCentra Consulting Ltd., marking the beginning of a remarkable journey dedicated to transformation, leadership, and innovation.

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