Nigeria’s Leading Business, Technology Solutions Company, iCentra Opens Office in Texas

As part of its expansion plan to run a global corporation, iCentra, Nigeria’s leading business and technology solutions company, iCentra has chosen Texas as one of its foreign offices to operate to provide the United State and the North American markets its service offerings in technology and business solutions, consulting, project management, learning and development.

iCentra began operations in West Africa  in 2009 and has served clients across the globe through its offices in Abuja, Nigeria and London, United Kingdom.

The company was incorporated in Texas in September 2019 but was unable to commence physical operations until 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of iCentra, Taofeek Babayeju said that Texas is no longer just an oil and gas state, saying that the lone star state is primed to be the next Silicon Valley.

“The State of Texas, which is known for its very rich economic system is the second largest economy in the United States and the ninth largest in the world, and it’s attracting top brands and technology companies of the world”

Taopheek who was recently accepted into the Forbes Business Council further pointed that Texas is a destination of choice to many businesses for several factors that include strong economy, robust workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructure and business climate, among others and has surpassed California in high-tech exports.

“In 2019, when 1,800 companies left California, most of them went to Texas, and about 42,500 people reportedly left California for Texas in the same year”, he said.

Other multinational companies that have chosen Texas as their based are Tesla, Amazon.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk recently that announced that he had moved from California to Texas and confirmed that the company has started to produce vehicles at its $1.1 billion Travis County manufacturing facility.

Amazon also chose Houston for one of its prized tech hubs. The company occupies 25,000-square-feet of space in Citycenter with a team of more than 150 Amazon Web Services employees.

Oracle and Hewlett Packard are among the tech giants that have announced plans to move their headquarters to Texas. Google has also built a presence in Texas, capitalizing on a wealth of innovation and talent in the area.

Taopheek reinstated that iCentra has been committed to delivering transformation to organizations and executives across the globe with outstanding team of experts committed to help organizations achieve their business goals in the last ten decade.

“It is the continued loyalty and support from our esteemed clients that has fueled our quest for more growth and expansion. We felt the need to reach a much larger audience, hence the organization’s decision to explore new horizons”, he said.

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