“An entrepreneur is not only in the business of creating value, but also creating impact.” – Taopheek BABAYEJU

In my privileged years of service and leadership in the private sector, I have observed with concern that a myriad of entrepreneurs are so fixated on the money their value can create that they lose sight of the people and environment that makes that possible. Of course, businesses exist to exchange value for value; that is, solve problems in exchange for growing profits. But that is not all.

Entrepreneurship for impact is an important catalyst that keeps entrepreneurs connected to their business environment, providing them with the opportunity to contribute, influence and impact the people and society within which they thrive. That is, whilst you are doing well as an entrepreneur or enterprise, you should equally be doing good – positively affecting your community. This was my inspiration to found the LeadPreneur Network.

Last Thursday, 14 December 2023, we had the maiden LeadPreneur Network Dinner, with the theme Elevate and Innovate. The event put on stage and in focus the necessary adoption and approach of driving entrepreneurship with a firm view on impact investments. It was refreshing seeing leaders in the public and private space congregate to share thoughts on how to navigate the current harsh economic realities without losing sight of the need for positive impact on society. This is in adherence to the tenets of our community, which is to do well and do good.

Reassuring comments from the Hon. Minister of Solid Minerals and Development, Mr. Dele Alake, and the Chairman, Nigerian Economic Summit Group, Mr. Niyi Yusuf, gave a broad perspective to our Network members (attendees at the event) on the receptibility of this impact-mindedness to business, not just nationally but also globally. Summarily, they submitted that as leaders and entrepreneurs who are driven by value creation and delivery, it is imperative to embrace and imbibe the distinguishable practice, in our endeavours, to ensure that as much as we are doing well, we are also doing good. Remember, entrepreneurs are really the ones who build nations.

When we started LeadPreneur in 2015, the goal was to build a formidable community of efficient entrepreneurs and leaders who are committed to not just excelling in their various endeavours but also positively impacting the society around them. Today, with over a million media impressions and tens of programs with over 2,000 participants, we have kept that drive and are yearning to do much more in the coming years.

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