Entrepreneurship, before you quit your job

I have had the privilege of being an entrepreneur for over a decade and half, I advocate it, I eat and sleep it. I love the pains, the gains and the uncertainties that come with it. I particularly enjoy the process of turning nothing into something, the attendant challenges give me the adrenaline rush compared to that of a junkie.

I encourage young men and women with the right amount zeal and passion required for entrepreneurial success to become entrepreneurs. More than ever before, the increasing harsh economic condition and joblessness has further driven so many young men and women into the world of entrepreneurship.

Also, there has been an increase in the number of commercial business mentors, young persons, mostly without any track record of business ventures spreading the gospel of “Be Your Own Boss.”

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, developed by nature or nurture. Our individual mindset is shaped by several factors such as the environment, education, experience, and exposure.

“Entrepreneurship is a good thing, as a matter of fact, anyone can be an entrepreneur but in reality, not everyone can be an entrepreneur.” Therefore, before you quit your job to become an entrepreneur, regardless of what the motivational speakers have told you, there are basic questions you need to ask and also answer by yourself.

What vision do you see?

The ability to see beyond what others are seeing is a critical element for entrepreneurial success. Most times the vision is beyond what the ordinary eyes can see. It is the picture you see when your eyes are closed, the dream you have when your eyes are wide open. It takes the eyes of the mind. As an entrepreneur, you need to have the right vision and the tenacity to succeed.

What is your motivation?

Do you want to become an entrepreneur simply because it is a fad or because you are tired of saying “yes sir” to your current boss, or you are tired of working eight hours a day? Trust me you have the wrong reasons, as an entrepreneur, you will continue to say “yes sir” to a new set of bosses, this time your clients. Also, let me shock you, you will literally work every second of your waking time. So, you need to be clear about your motivation.

How much knowledge do you have about the business?

Most young entrepreneurs get excited about ideas or go into a business simply because they have seen someone do it and succeeded.

Knowledge is power, to succeed in any business, you need to get the right information about the industry you intend to go into. You need to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible and skill-sets in order to create value for business success.

How prepared are you?

Entrepreneurship is War. Only a fool goes to war unprepared. Just like any war, you need to be determined to fight for what you believe in. Even though it is a good thing to fight for a worthy cause but it is suicidal to go to the war front without the right weapons. Same goes for business, you need to have the right business strategy before you take the leap.

How passionate are you?

In your entrepreneurship journey, you will be faced with various challenges; there will be ups and downs, good days and sad days, there will be wins and losses, there will be times to celebrate but there will also come a when you want to leave everything and run away but when those challenging moments come, passion is the only thing that will keep you going.

So, before you take the leap, are you ready? If the answer is YES, then take the plunge, pretty soon you will be happy you did!

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