Choose Your Friends and Associates Carefully and Wisely

“You will always be a reflection of your closest friends to some extent, so choose them wisely.” – TAB

The old axiom, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are,” still holds today. As a mirror reflects your face, so your friends are a reflection of who you are; and you, them.

Friends and associates are chosen, not assigned. If your present crop of friends and associates do not portray the image you want to project, you’re at liberty to change them; no matter how long you have known them.

As you grow, it is imperative to recreate yourself. Your associations must represent who you are becoming, otherwise, they will influence you to stay at their level. Whereas, quality friends will pull you up to their level.

I have always admired Femi Otedola and Aliko Dangote’s relationship, it is value driven. They both have shown support for each other’s family and business(es) over time.

Femi Otedola recently invested in Dangote’s sugar business and that singular act increased the share capital of the company to 10 trillion Naira. And also reinforced Aliko Dangote’s number 1 position on the Forbes Billion List while Femi also climb the ladder to number 20.

Your association matters. Therefore, choose your friends and associates carefully and wisely. You become who you spend time with the most

Who is your friend?

Be Terrific!


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